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FIA homologated 100 cell sport catalytic converter 115 x 63/2,5" - max. 600HP

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Item no.: AZPFIA110X63-100

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FIA Approved 100 cell sport catalytic converter - max. 600 HP

FIA Homologation document and German DSB
FIA Homologated for use in Motorsport, Homologation No. SBF 08-022

Designed for petrol engined production based sports car, specialist production cars and kit cars

Main features:
100 cell metal substrate
20 Grm precious metal washcoat (Platinum / Pladium)
High 1300 Celsius degree temperature threshold
Total lenght: 290 mm
Maximum diamter:115 mm
Inlet/outlet: 63,5 mm / 2,5"
2 year warranty
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