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Preorder for BMW B58 gen 1 intake manifold with integrated charge cooler with huge price drop

The Wagner Tuning B58 gen 1 intake can be pre-ordered with a 2-month waiting period, which is equipped with all earthly goodies and is available at a significant price advantage! It more than compensates us for the long waiting time.

What else you need?

BMW 1er F20/21 M140i
BMW 2er F22/23 M240i
BMW 3er F30/31 M340i
BMW 4er F32/33/36 M440i

- significantly better cooling performance (up to 20°C cooler IAT)
- maximum mechanical discharge of the turbocharger (35% less back pressure)
- more power and torque for your engine
- 100% pressure resistance
- 100% Plug and Play (no modifications)
- preprocessed port fuel injection (fuel rail optionally available)
- three 1/8 NPT ports for measuring additional parameters
- six preprocessed NOS or WMI ports