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Hyundai i30N/Veloster N Adjustable Top Mounts

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i30N 2018-

Veloster N 2019- T-6DI

After extensive development and testing we have created  a pair of front adjustable suspension top mounts for the Hyundai i30N and Veloster N platform. Machined using billet 7075 aluminium and hard anodized to provide a factory appeal finish whilst also protecting the top mounts from any surface corrosion.

The adjustable top mounts allow adjustments from +1.5° of positive camber all the way down to -2° of negative camber, giving you full adjustment to tailor the cars alignment to whatever your application requires, this ensures the geometry of your vehicle can be finally

No cutting or drilling required

Tuned for perfect track handling.

Tuned for perfect track handling. Our adjustable top mounts make use of a spherical bearing as it is best suited for applications where considerable camber or caster adjustments may be seen, the spherical bearing is also specifically designed to cope with the high loads and dynamic pressures that are seen through the daily use of the product.

With a factory fit with no cutting or drilling required you are able to remove the standard factory strut top and simply refit the Forge Motorsport to the OEM suspension to gain full adjustment of your camber whilst maintaining the factory electronic suspension control through the N system.

2-3 hours fitting - special tools required (spring compressor)

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