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Use it! +16HP , -20%!
20% discount on the Swedish Do88 intake systems! The offer is limited time ONLY!
Forge Motorsport EA88MK4 blow off valves on SALE!
10-30% discount on Forge Motorsport blow off valve for limited time only!
BMW N54, N55 tuning intercoolers
Available the excellent price/value ratio Masata N54 N55 7.5" Competition Intercooler and the entry-level version are available at excellent prices.
BMW TOYOTA B58 TU Fuel Pump Best price!
310 USD + Shipping
The oversees shipping in 3 days, ready to ship
GREAT DEAL‼ 10% discount on Borg Warner EFR 7163 turbocharger!
ONLY 1 piece available!
V-band- V-band 0.85 A/R more details in the webshop
GREAT DEAL‼ 10% discount on Wagner Tuning Intake manifold for BWM B58 Gen1!
ONLY 1 piece available on this price! Ready to ship!
D2 Racing brake pads are back in stock
for 6- and 8-pot calipers and 330 356 and 380mm rotors
BORGWARNER EFR 7163 turbocharger in stock
Available ONYL ONE Borgwarner 11639880006 turbocharger with V-band connection and 0.85 A/R

B58 premium, collar T-shirt is available
with 15% pre-order discount!
Wossner watercarft pistons in our range
Available the Wossner forged pistons for the watercraft machines, like Kawasaki, Polaris, Sea-Doo and Yamaha models.
Porsche 992 turbo cooling
Available the Swedish DO88 cooling specialist Porsche 992 Turbo cooling parts, after several month of development work
Wagner Tuning intercooler SALE!
10-38% off for many models
Preorder for BMW B58 gen 2 intake manifold with integrated charge cooler with huge price drop
The Wagner Tuning intake manifold for the BMW B58 gen 2 model can be ordered with a significant discount. Instead, you only have to wait 2 months!
Preorder for BMW B58 gen 1 intake manifold with integrated charge cooler with huge price drop
The Wagner Tuning B58 gen 1 intake can be pre-ordered with a 2-month waiting period, which is equipped with all earthly goodies and is available at a significant price advantage! It more than compensates us for the long waiting time.
ZRP BMW 3.0L B58 I-Beam con rod kit with 25% discount
Newly announced the ZRP I-beam con rod kit for the B58 engines. We offer the kit on excellent price, if you would like to build a stable, reliable B58B30 engine
ACL bearing for B58 engine
Announced and available the B59 ACL con rod bearings in our webshop. Different sizes and designs. Even with extra oiling capability
Forge Motorsport BMW B48/B58 charge cooler with 27% discount
Only limited time available the Forge Moto5rsport B48/ B58 BMW /Mini engine charge cooler
Oil catch can for the BMW B58 M140i and M240i
the Airtec Motorsport newly announced the oil catch set for the B58 M140i and M240i models.

BMW B58 Airtec Motorsport chargecooler
The best price/value chargecooler for the B58 platform!
New parts for GR Yaris
The product range of the GR Yaris has been expanded with more quality parts! Oil trap, oil coolers, several from different manufacturers..
BMW B58 Extra Performance for Best Price! - Bosch Fuel Pump
Bosch B58 TU fuel pump for tuning purposes for the best price! 
Part No.: AZP0261520520
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PEC forged con rods
The full range of PEC forged con rods are available and owned by Wossner company! H-Beam or I-.Beam or raffle drilled versions
do88 BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Turbo Inlet Pipe kit, STOCK TURBOS
Available the Swedish cooling specialist Do88 professional inlet pipe kit for stock turbo
Do88 intake system BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 S55
Available the Swedish cooling specialist air intake system for the BMW F8x , S55 models. Excellent preferences and even better price!
Do88 BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Performance Intercooler/charge cooler
The best price/value charge cooler in the market with professional engineering and perfomance!
New product! - Do88 performance cooling parts BMW S55
For BMW F8X versions
Airtec intercoolers
We just added the high quality, professional and good price/value Airtec Motorsport intercoolers to our range! CNC milled, cast bags, high quality bar and plate core..
Soon available in our web shop!
NEW! Hyundai I30N, Wagner Tuning 2.generation intercooler
Already available the newest, redesigned, secong geneartion intercooler with fin&tube core for the Hyundai I30N hot hatch
NEW! FIAt Abarth 500, Wossner forged pistons
Available the newest Wossner forged piston kit for FIAT Abarth 500, 1.4 turbo. Standard, first and second over sizes
ZRP forged pistons, con rods and crankshafts
Available the high quality ZRP products in our web shop
Wossner forged pistons new arrivals
Many new Wossner set arrived during the summer period to the market. We continuously uploading to our web shop. Few example BMW M2/M3/M4 (N55/S55), Mercedes AMG  A35-A45, Mazda 2.3 , Nissan 370Z, Audi 1.8TFSi...
Forge Motorsport Suzuki Swift Sport ZS33S Induction kit
Finally arrived the Forge Motorsport induction kit for Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33 LHD version! Improved torque and power output, improved sound characteristic and visula impact of engine bay
FI Exhaust valvetronic exhaust systems
Continuously uploading the new FI Exhaust products, which are the highest quality in the class. Drag& drop valvetronic exhaust system in top quality
Ford Mustang GT BORLA exhaust system with 15% discount form stock!
from stock, you can buy with 15% discount the Borla S-type cat back exhaust for Mustang GT 2015- models
Wagner Tuning intercooler SALE! 10-30% discount
for BMW, Ford, KIA, Porsche, Nissan, Subaru models
15% discount on 90 angle silicon hoses
15% Discount on high quality German 90 angle hoses, which are pressure tested on 5.0 pressure
Garrett intercoolers
Available the Garrett type specificontercoolers in our webshop, which are drag&drop, CAD designed with cats end tanks on great price
Garrett universal intercoler cores
Available the american manufacturer bar&plate core, universal intercooler cores, behind 75 years experience
NEW Garrett turbochargers G25 series
Available the Garrett 25 series turbochargers, with inside and outside wastegate option
FI Exhaust valvetronic exhaust systems in our range
Available in our range the Frequency intelligent Exhaust valvetronic products, which can be controlled by mobile or remote control.. The Fi exhaust porudtcs are the top of the range for premium , luxury and sport cars
Wagner tuning downpipes
Alraedy available for Honda Civic FK7, C63AMG, Subaru WRX, Toyota Supra MK5 and the Audi BMW models
BORLA Ford Mustang GT 5.0 S-Type exhaust system with 15% discount
Only piece is available on this discounted price for the Ford Mustang GT 2015 model!
Borla, S-Type system with beautiful sporty sounds and drag & drop fitment
BMW competition interccoler SALE!
20% discount on BMW Wagner Tuning intercoolers!
Ford Mustang Ecoboost Wagner Tuning interccoler SALE!
Now, you can buy with 20% discount, the German cooling specialist Wagner Tuning, TUV certified drag and drop intercooler for the Ford Mustang Ecoboost 2.3 models.
Porsche 991 Turbo Wagner Tuning interccoler SALE!
Now, you can buy with 16%discount, the German cooling specialist Wagner Tuning, TUV certified drag and drop intercooler for the Porsche 991 Turbo (S) models
NIssan GTR R35 Wagner Tuning intercooler SALE!
Now, you can buy with 25%discount, the German cooling specialist Wagner Tuning, TUV certified drag and drop intercooler for the Nissan GTR R35 2008-2016 models
Prefer the payment in EURO!
Save your money!
Wagner Tuning intercoolers on SALE! 9_29% discount
Just look around and do not miss, the German manufacturer , highest quality , TUv certified intercoolers for Audi, BMW, Ford , KIA, Subaru models..
Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ Borla axle back with 20% dsicount
You can buy from stock, this great sounding Borla axle back for yur GT86 or BRZ car .
Easy fitting and beautiful sporty, sound!
Subaru Wagner Tuning intercoolers with 20% discount
Now, you can buy the most professional intercooler for your Subaru WRX 2002-2005, 2007-2013 és 2014- models with 20% discount
15% discount on Ford Mustang GT 5.0 (2015-) Borla exhaust system
You can buy from the stock, this beautiful and amazingly sounding , engineered BORLA S-Type exhaust for your Mustang GT 5.0: Part Number:140590
Wagner Tuning intercooler SALE
9-29% disocunt on Audi, BMW, Ford, KIA, Subaru intercoolereks, up to stock in last!
available the DEFI A1 premium series
Forge Motorpsort products
soon will be available in our webshop, the English Forge Motorsport products, like intercoolers, dump valves,  induction kits
FI Exhaust in our range
Top quality valvetronic exhaust system from Frequency Intelligent Exhaust. You can even control the system with remote or mobile phone.
Audi A4 B9 interior carbon decor kit
NEW product in our range,m the hand made, carbon patterned hydrodipped Audi A4 B9 interior kit
BORLA Ford Mustang GT 5.0 S-Type exhaust system in stock!
5.0 2015-2017 for the V8 engines
Wagner Tuning Audi C8 intercoolers 3.0TDI & 3.0TFSI
Already available the newest Audi A6/A7 3.0TDi and 3.0TFSI intercoolers for C8 engines
FI Exhaust in our range
TOP quality, active exhaust valve FI Exhaust systems in our range, like official dealer! 
Coming soon the Wagner Tuning BMW X5-X6 intercooler
Will be available at middle of March for the following models:

BMW X5 E70 3.0d / 3.0sd (2006-2010) 
BMW X5 E70 LCI 30dX / 35iX / 40dX / 40iX (2009-2013)
BMW X6 E71 30dX / 35dX / 35iX / 40dX / 40iX (2007-2014)
BMW X5 F15 25d / 25dX / 28iX / 30dX / 35dX / 35i / 35iX / 40dX / 40eX (2012-2018)
BMW X6 F16 28iX / 30dX / 35i / 35iX / 40dX (2013-2018)
BORLA exhaust systems
Already available, the famous american exhaust manufacturer BORLA, 1.000.000 mile warranty full stainless steel, cat back systems
do88 Porsche 991 cooling
We proudly present, the Swedish cooling specialist Porsche 991.1 and 991.2 developed big packs, intercooler kits, Y-pipe kits, Inlet hoses, Y, plenum products
NEW Arrival!
do88 BMW F20/F30/F87 intercooler and radiator
D2 Racing coilovers for BMW E30 E36 E46 models
D2 RACING Street, Sport and Drift coilovers for M versions too!
KRONA PERFORMANCE (USA) Ford Mustang exhaust systems are available!
Krona Performance (USA) Ford Mustang Ecoobost and GT exhaust systems with lifetime warranty and with one of the best sound of the market!

A-Zperformance SAAB 9-3 front bumper with "Hirsch" style lower grill!
The front bumper is available with black ABS, honeycomb grill as well! It is so similar to "Hirsch" style. Link for the bumpers.
do88 silicone hoses and kits are available!
do88 intercooler, coolant, inlet and outlet hoses for AUDI, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda, Porsche and SAAB models!
Carbon patterned decor covers in stock!
Made with HYDRO DIPPED technology, which perfectly matches to wide variety of surfaces.